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  "I want to break down illusionism in painting. I appreciate paintings for their sensousness and validity. Every image serves as a medium. It is self-referential, it does not reference a reality" (EP).

The self-referential quality of the art object. Nevertheless, one might ask in what ways reality can be established, and where to start with this task if not by redirecting the viewer´s distracted glance and by confusing it in an unexpected manner (routine won´t do). For that to happen, the glance needs to be kept interested long enough (no familiar voyeuristic experience) and reflected in these images that are no images ...
In this sense, Erich Praschak reshuffles by severing what was connected and by shifting traditional priorities. The viewer´s glance becomes focused on the surface of the paintings - one might say, on the painting as the material. He locates it in the texture of the brush stroke in the paint - which determines an image as a painting.
In addition - depending on the application of the paint - a third dimension is added to the two dimensions of the traditional painting. Its surface reflects light irregularly (unlike a monitor casting light). In a way, the tactility of it evokes in us the urge to draw a finger over the solidified paint and around its sometimes cracked borders; to touch the skin of the painting ...

(from: Birgit Schwaner, Clouded Reality on Image and Object)