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“The six-part work sysiphus made in 1999 contains linking elements from earlier works such as linse and puzzle. The title itself refers to work and thought processes that are 'endless' in terms of form and content. Sysiphus was fated to begin again a task that he could never complete time and time. A microscopically articulated structure was spread across large mushroom-like uprights that are perceived as something between graphic art and sculptural objects. The artist wished them to be understood as "things" that "combine the idea of functionality and growth between the organic and the inorganic", as "cross-breeds and models of impossibility" (georgia creimer).
The second version of sysiphus, intended for a staircase in the government district of st. pölten, is a further development of these ideas. Creimer used elements of the wall and floor pieces that are typical of her first works, with the all-over structure of the first version of sysiphus. The construction is determined by two amorphous round forms on the wall and floor that are connected in a linear manner. The black and white tissue is differentiated in shades of pink and red and suggests associations with trees and flowers, which also play an important role in creimer's work. The work is a new attempt to "microscopically enter" into "endless" forms such as the circle, oval or sphere and, at the same time, to "take them apart and arrive at their core" (georgia creimer)."

susanne neuburger from public art lower austria, volume 7