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“Georgia creimer evidently shows us the instruments of a “somatic cosmos”, sensory equipment that makes the perception of the world as feeling with the body, as being physically in the world, plausible to us.”

quotation: markus brüderlin from „flatliners“, catalogue georgia creimer, 1994

Biome’s formal language allows associations to the organic world, to biology, to the amorphous and to biotechnology.
The space within the pictures cannot be defined, proportions not determined. Everything lies between the microscopic and monumental. Some elements snake and coil, attracting and repelling each other, seeming to be in a constant state of change and adaptation.
These individual forms are based on “semi-blind” drawings and are therefore somewhat “unforeseen”, almost unfamiliar. They convey a state that can be described as both close to nature as well as artificial.
These forms seem to be creatures that possess a “somatic intelligence” of their own, investigating the world around them with their entire physicality and sensitivity.